Day tour / Sailing trip

Enjoy an unforgettable day at sea in beautiful bays with crystal clear waters or let our skipper take you under sail on this luxurious yacht to a picturesque village to indulge in culinary delights.

Immerse yourself in an unique sailing adventure and experience the freedom of the sea on a day sailing trip along the picturesque coast!

Feel the wind, listen to the sound of the waves, enjoy the majestic beauty of the sea after a jump into the cool water.

Our experienced captain and professional crew will ensure that you feel completely at ease on board and will teach you all the necessary sailing skills.

Whether try you are an experienced sailor or sailing for the first time, this day trip is suitable for all adventure seekers!

Come aboard and leave your everyday life behind as we pamper you on this unforgettable sailing experience.

Max. occupancy 12 persons
Incl. drinks and snack
Crew: skipper and stewardess

over several days

Take the freedom to spend a period of your choice - be it a few days or weeks - on board of this exclusively equipped boat, with an experienced skipper by your side - as a guest or as an active sailor.

On the jointly designed route you can explore the coast and the island world of Croatia.
If you wish, a stewardess will also accompany you to take care of your physical well-being.

Treat yourself with a special holiday
- enjoy the yacht and enjoy being pampered
- get a taste of the sailing world
- make your first sailing experiences
- gain your first sailing skills from a skipper who has been professionalized in training for many years.

As a sailor you can
- relax and enjoy time with family and friends
- gain routine as an active sailor
- pick up a few tricks

Spend time with your loved ones swimming in beautiful bays, exploring historic towns and sundowners at unforgettable sunsets.

This multi-day sailing tour offers you the perfect opportunity for great experiences!

Trip procedure

Crew: skipper
Optional: stewardess

Theme cruises

Unique experiences on a themed sailing trip, such as an exquisite gourmet cruise, a sailing trip with corporate colleagues, a romantic honeymoon, a yoga tour or a sailing tour to explore life on a boat.

Treat yourself with a gourmet trip to exclusive restaurants or local konobas while admiring the beauty of the coast and the sea.

Have a honeymoon with a difference, accompanied by bays with clear waters, enchanting towns and dreamy sunsets!

Organise a special kind of company trip that promotes team spirit and cooperation. Send your employees on an inspiring journey where they can get to know each other far away from the daily work routine. 

Yoga on the boat - do something good for body and soul!
Water, sea and beautiful surroundings offer the best conditions for getting some rest and relaxation.

We are happy to cater according to your individual wishes when planning the cruise.


Trip procedure

Crew: skipper
Optional: stewardess

Family cruises

A family sailing trip offers the opportunity to experience unforgettable adventures on the sparkling sea, to create shared memories and to strengthen family bonds while enjoying the freedom of sailing to the fullest.

Spend precious family time on an unforgettable sailing trip!
Discover the wonders of the sea together and experience adventures with the whole family!

Our family cruise offers you the perfect opportunity to unite your loved ones and create unforgettable memories.
Our crew will ensure a safe and fun sailing experience.

Enjoy activities together such as snorkelling, swimming and stand up paddle.
Explore the coast and towns, as well as the beautiful nature.
Relax on deck, enjoy the gentle rocking of the boat and the breathtaking scenery.
Learn the basics of sailing together or improve your sailing skills - our crew is always there to help and advise you.

A sailing trip with fun, adventures and shared experiences on the sea!


Trip procedure

Crew: Skipper
Optional: Stewardess