Sailingyacht "WHITE BIRD"

Welcome to an unforgettable sailing trip!

Our luxurious yacht offers space for up to six guests and is equipped with all the comforts that promise a relaxing stay at sea.
The route is individually designed according to your wishes.
Discover the most beautiful bays and places, enjoy breathtaking sunsets and immerse yourself in the culinary delights of the region.


"White Bird"

This exclusive sailing yacht offers you a luxurious and comfortable ambience in which to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.
With a first-class interior and an elegant design our yacht offers all the amenities for an incomparable sailing holiday.

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The fascinating course of a cruise

Start your holiday with a warm welcome from our crew and a refreshing drink!
A well-prepared and air-conditioned yacht awaits you, enjoy our service and the boats life.
Start a sailing trip to your desired destinations or let yourself be surprised where the wind will take you.

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Dalmatien, Kroatien

Discover the enchanting island world of the coast of Dalmatia and let yourself be inspired by its diversity and beauty.
From small unspoilt islands to vibrant hotspots, the island world of Dalmatia offers something special for every taste. Explore hidden coves, quaint fishing villages and picturesque beaches while sailing from island to island.

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Sailing. Freedom. Adventures. Relaxation. Memories.

Day tour / Sailing trip

Enjoy an unforgettable day at sea in beautiful bays with crystal clear waters or let our skipper take you under sail on this most luxurious yacht to a picturesque village to indulge in culinary delights.

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Sailing trip for several days

Take the freedom to spend a period of your choice - be it a few days or weeks - on the breathtaking waters aboard this comfortable vessel with an experienced skipper by your side - as a guest or as an active sailor.

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Theme cruises

Immerse yourself in unique experiences on a themed sailing trip, such as an exquisite gourmet cruise, a sailing trip with corporate colleagues, a romantic honeymoon, a yoga tour or a sailing tour to explore life on a boat.

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Family cruises

A family sailing trip offers the opportunity to experience unforgettable adventures on the sparkling sea, create shared memories and strengthen family bonds while enjoying the freedom of sailing to the fullest.

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6176 km
coast length









Croatia has a stunning coastline with picturesque bays, crystal clear waters and pristine beaches.
The landscape is characterised by rocky cliffs, lushy islands and stunning coastal landscapes that captivate sailors from all over the world.